How to Replace the Firebox in a Fireplace?

Answer The firebox is an essential part of any fireplace, and replacing is difficult -- but it's possible. For the most part, fireboxes are cubic chambers that house the wood (or other solid fuel source) ... Read More »

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How do I use a firebox smoker?

Prepare the FireboxRemove the firebox from the smoker and fill it half full with ready-light charcoal. Insert the firebox back into the smoker and ignite the charcoal with a match. Wait until the c... Read More »

How to Make Mortar for a Firebox?

Firebox mortar, used to bond firebox bricks together, is designed to resist the heat of a constant flame while holding up to abuse from firewood. This mortar is made by blending materials together ... Read More »

How do I replace gas fireplace logs?

Remove the Old Log SetShut off the gas to the fireplace, and remove the artificial logs. Take out the grate, and remove the old gas line and the old burner. Clean out the firebox.New Installation a... Read More »

How to Replace a Thermostatic Sensor on a Gas Fireplace?

The thermostatic sensor in a gas fireplace is a small part connected to the fuel receptacle that helps to cool down the output of heat when the fan is running. After the fireplace has been lit, the... Read More »