How to Replace the Door Speakers on a 2001 Jeep?

Answer The last part of a stereo upgrade tends to be the speakers. The stereo deck gets replaced, the amplifier gets installed and then the speakers. Speakers are however, the key to a complete and well... Read More »

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How to Replace Door Speakers on a 2001 Suburban?

Replacing the speakers is the most inexpensive way to improve a vehicle's audio system. After-market speakers can be purchased just about anywhere and are relatively easy to install yourself instea... Read More »

How to Install Door Speakers in a Jeep?

When upgrading a Jeep's audio system, there are three areas you need to address: the stereo system, the amplifier and the speakers. The stock speakers in the door panels of a Jeep are limited in ... Read More »

How to Change Jeep Door Speakers?

Jeeps have two speakers in the front doors. These provide sound to the driver and passenger area. The speakers are standard sized (6 by 9 inches) and attached with standard wiring and screws. Remov... Read More »

How to Take Door Speakers Out of 2001 Grand Prix?

The 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix came standard with 5-1/4-inch door speakers, in both the front and rear doors. If you want to replace the speakers with new ones, you'll need to remove the entire door p... Read More »