How to Replace the Condenser Controller in a Frigidaire MFU21M3GW2?

Answer The Frigidaire MFU21M3GW2 is an upright electric freezer. Like virtually all refrigeration units, the appliance uses a condenser mounted at the bottom of the cabinet. The condenser cycles on and o... Read More »

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How to Replace an AC Condenser?

A condenser is the first component in a motor vehicle's air conditioning (AC) system. The condenser removes the heat and liquefies the gas before it passes into the evaporator core. Dirt, debris or... Read More »

How to Replace an Auto A/C Condenser?

As the cold refrigerant in the air-conditioning system moves through the evaporator and absorbs heat from the passenger compartment, it is then routed to the condenser and released to the outside a... Read More »

How to Replace an AC Condenser Fan on an '02 Dodge Ram?

The air conditioning condenser fan on the 2002 Dodge Ram is separate from the engine cooling fan. If the condenser cooling fan is not working properly, the air conditioning system will build head p... Read More »

How to Replace the Condenser in a Buick?

Much like the radiator, the air-conditioning condenser on your Buick transfers heat from the circulating refrigerant in the system into the atmosphere. In fact, the condenser is right in front of t... Read More »