How to Replace the Check Valve in a Vacuum Booster?

Answer A vacuum booster uses vacuum pressure from the engine to boost the amount of pressure going to the brakes. The check valve on vacuum booster regulates the amount of pressure in the booster. If th... Read More »

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How to Test a Brake Booster Check Valve?

Nearly all of today's automobiles are equipped with power-assisted brakes. The power assist system makes use of an ingenious booster that is powered by the vacuum generated in the engine intake man... Read More »

How to Check the Valve on a Replacement Brake Booster?

Brake boosters are mechanisms used for automobiles with power braking systems, to enhance the power of the brakes when a smaller amount of pressure is applied to the brake pedal. Replacement brake ... Read More »

How to Replace a Vacuum Booster on a 1997 Ford F350?

A 1997 Ford F-350 is designed to tow large loads, and as a result, needs as much stopping power as it can get. One way it accomplishes that is with a vacuum operated brake booster mounted between t... Read More »

How to Replace the Vacuum Brake Booster in a 1996 Tahoe?

Prior to the invention of the vacuum brake booster, brakes were a lot more difficult to operate. Foot power was all that pushed brake fluid into the system, making it tough to drive for long period... Read More »