How to Replace the Cable on a K40 CB Antenna?

Answer The K40 CB radio antenna has a five-foot long stainless-steel whip, a “Magnamount” bracket that secures it to the trunk of the vehicle and an 18-foot long sheathed coaxial cable assembly that r... Read More »

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I am a cable guy and ought to know this but will a regular cable splitter work with an antenna?

Yes. Make sure it's good out to at least 800 MHz.

Can you use a TV cable for a radio antenna?

Yes, a television cable can be used to make a radio antenna. By forming a T-shaped antenna, a person can turn the TV cable into a working radio antenna. In fact, the length of the antenna can be va... Read More »

How do you connect an antenna and cable to a tv?

The TV needs to have two RF inputs. Most don't. Otherwise you need a A-B rf switch, Radioshack has them. Or you can connect the cable box to the TV using the VIDEO IN connectors leaving the single ... Read More »

How to Use a Coaxial Cable for an Antenna?

Building an antenna out of an existing coaxial cable is a great way to get on the air quickly and start receiving those transmissions. Using a 50 Ohm coaxial cable, which will connect directly to t... Read More »