How to Replace the Brake Lines in a '98 Sonoma?

Answer When replacing a brake line, it is important to consult with an auto parts dealer to ensure that you get replacement brake lines designed for your 1998 GMC Sonoma truck. New metal lines designed fo... Read More »

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How to Replace Brake Pads for 2000 GMC Sonoma?

Rear brake pads on the 2000 GMC Sonoma light-duty pickup essentially act as a rudder when braking to keep the back of the truck in line with the front. If the Sonoma only had front brakes, the rear... Read More »

How to Replace Brake Lines?

One of the most important systems on your vehicle is the braking system. Everything from the rotors and calipers to the lines that apply the brakes are equally important and from time to time must ... Read More »

How to Replace Steel Brake Lines?

A vehicle owner must replace steel brake lines when they have become worn. Wet and damp weather can cause the brake lines to rust because of the metallic components they contain. Once brake lines r... Read More »

How to Replace Rusted Brake Lines?

The brake lines on your vehicle perform a critical function--they provide the brake calipers with enough hydraulic fluid to enable the vehicle to slow down and stop. When there is an obstruction in... Read More »