How to Replace the Bolt in the 8mm Battery Cable?

Answer On a side post or top post battery, the cable itself is held onto the battery with an 8 mm bolt. In many cases, the metal on the bolt can be eaten away by years of acid accumulation, eventually re... Read More »

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How to Remove a Bolt on a Battery Cable?

Automotive batteries come with either top mount or side mount terminal applications. Top mount batteries require battery cables with clamps that secure over the battery posts. Side mount batteries ... Read More »

How to Replace a Side Battery Terminal Bolt?

Batteries have different types of mounting points, and in some cases, they have a threaded insert on the side, where you screw in a side-post terminal bolt. If you have one that is stripped or has ... Read More »

How to Replace a Car Battery Cable?

When a car won't start, you can usually blame the battery. A battery can have a few things wrong with it that won't allow it to keep a charge, or the connections to the battery can be faulty. Follo... Read More »

How to Replace Battery Cable Ends?

Automobile batteries are one of the key components of any automotive electrical system. Besides serving as the electrical ground for the vehicle, a battery provides the automobile with the electric... Read More »