How to Replace the Blade on a Power Hacksaw?

Answer Cutting metals with an ordinary manual hacksaw is indeed a daunting task. Not only is it a waste of body energy, but it is also time consuming. The power hacksaw cuts metals with relative ease and ... Read More »

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How do i sharpen the blade on a power lawnmower?

It's time to sharpen rotary lawnmower blades when they start to shred leaf blades. Tru-Green Lawn Care says that may be as often as every eight to 12 hours of operation. Remove the spark plug and t... Read More »

How do I choose the right hacksaw blades?

Light CuttingChoose a hacksaw blade that has 32 teeth per inch of blade length for light cutting; the number of teeth per inch is normally labeled on the side of the blade so you do not have to act... Read More »

Types of Hacksaw Blades?

Hacksaw blades, designed to cut mainly metal, are categorized by the number of teeth per inch. The standard hacksaw blade has 14 to 32 teeth per inch. The set of the teeth, how they are angled in r... Read More »

How to Replace a Fan Blade on a Jeep?

A Jeep uses a cooling fan mounted to the radiator which spins to cool down both the radiator and engine in turn. These fans are electric, and if the blades aren't connected properly or are broken, ... Read More »