How to Replace the Battery in a Tissot Quadrato?

Answer Replacing batteries in luxury items can be tricky if you wish to avoid damaging the item. Tissot watches are hig-end luxury watches manufactured in Switzerland. The company advises that the battery... Read More »

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Can you replace a lithium battery with an alkaline battery?

It depends on the size and voltage. Coin or button lithium batteries are not interchangeable with alkaline batteries. Cylindrical lithium batteries come in two voltages: 1.5 and 3.0. The first vari... Read More »

Will a 3.6V battery replace a 3.7V battery on cameras?

Yes, 3.7V and 3.6V are the volts of lithium battery cells, and one is Li-ion battery cell and the other is lithium polymer battery cell. Both of them can be called as lithium batteries

How Can I Tell If I Have a Fake Tissot?

Designer watches are a sign of financial prosperity and are certain to draw envious glances. But those looks of admiration or jealousy can quickly turn into laughter and disdain if your watch is di... Read More »

How to Identify Your Tissot?

A few tools are needed before you can identify your Tissot watch. The Tissot logo is stamped on the dial of each unit. If the watch you are trying to identify was made in the 1930s, be aware that T... Read More »