How to Replace the Battery in a Ford Focus?

Answer The Focus is Ford's entry-level car available in a number of body styles, from a hatchback to a four-door sedan. It provides easy access for do-it-yourself mechanics. Look for a white, chalky subst... Read More »

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How to Replace Battery Cables in a Ford Focus?

Make a note of your presets or attach an auxiliary battery to the car when changing your battery cables. Otherwise, you'll need to reset your clock and reprogram your radio presets after attaching ... Read More »

How to Fix the Battery Terminals on a 2001 Ford Focus SE?

Automotive battery terminals are exposed to acidic vapors. Over time, these vapors will react with and corrode the exposed metal parts of the battery cable and battery terminal connectors. As a par... Read More »

2001 Ford Focus Battery Requirements?

The 2001 Ford Focus uses a 12-volt Motorcraft battery. The Motocraft battery is also used in all the Ford Focus models up to 2008, and is compatible in up to 140 Ford Vehicles. The stock battery is... Read More »

How to Check/Refill the Battery Electrolyte in a Ford Focus?

If you have a newer Ford Focus, you most likely have a maintenance-free, or sealed, battery in your vehicle. If you have an older one, or if the dealer replaced your battery under warranty, you pr... Read More »