How to Replace the Automatic Ignition System in a Furnace?

Answer A gas furnace uses an automatic ignition system to light the burners. Depending on the age and model of the furnace, the ignitor may be either a spark-type electrode in a ceramic casing or a flat h... Read More »

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How to Replace the Ignition Harness on a Furnace?

A modern gas furnace has an ignition system that lights the burners. The ignition system consists of a glowing metal tip on one end and a power plug on the other. They're attached with a wiring har... Read More »

How to Replace an Ignition Control in a Goodman Furnace?

Goodman manufactures a line of gas furnaces with an electronic ignition control module. This device is wired to the igniter that heats up to light gas from the valve inside the furnace. If the igni... Read More »

How to Replace a Ford Point & Condenser Ignition System?

Whereas modern Fords feature an electronic ignition system, older Fords relied on a mechanical breaker points and condenser ignition system. While an engine’s “timing” determines when a spark... Read More »

How to Replace the Ignition Switch on a 1998 Factory Anti-Theft System?

Most vehicles manufactured in 1998 were equipped with anti-theft systems that offered a number of capabilities. These systems were often programmed from the ignition switch. If the system stops wor... Read More »