How to Replace the Alternator on a Porsche 924?

Answer The Porsche 924 uses a mid-mount engine. This means that the engine is situated behind the driver and passenger. Because of this, the alternator must be accessed through the passenger cabin. You wi... Read More »

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How to Remove a Porsche 924 Alternator?

The alternator in your two-door Porsche 924 coupe helps circulate electricity from your battery to various components, including the radio and headlights. Therefore, if you notice your headlights o... Read More »

How to Replace Porsche 993 Brakes?

Replacing the brakes on a Porsche 993 is an easy task for most do-it-yourself mechanics. Some mechanics are reluctant to work on exotic vehicles manufactured in another country because the parts ar... Read More »

How to Replace the Air Cleaner on a Porsche 930?

The engine in your Porsche 930 is efficient, powerful and smooth when a few necessary pieces are in place. An engine needs compression, fuel and air to work correctly. Keep your Porsche 930 runnin... Read More »

How to Replace Porsche 914 Struts?

The struts on your Porsche 914 act as shock absorbers to dampen the trauma that is transferred to the car's frame and suspension while driving. Their rugged design makes them more effective than co... Read More »