How to Replace the Alternator in a Toyota Highlander?

Answer The Toyota Highlander has an alternator that sends electrical current to various devices in the vehicle while the engine is running. Most alternators made today include a voltage regulator that ens... Read More »

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Is the toyota highlander faster than the toyota highlander hybrid?

Yes, the standard Toyoto Highlander is faster than its hybrid counterpart. The 2.7L/187-HP 2010 Toyota Highlander goes from 0-60 mph in 6.8 to 8.0 seconds. In contrast, the 2010 Toyota Highlander H... Read More »

How to Replace the Rotor in a Toyota Highlander?

Your Toyota Highlander relies on brake rotors, calipers and brake pads all working together to bring your vehicle to a halt. If your Highlander seems to be pulsing and shuddering when you hit the b... Read More »

How to Replace the Springs in a Toyota Highlander?

The Toyota Highlander is a mid-size crossover SUV. The Highlander has the maneuverability and handling of a car with the capacity of an SUV. The springs in the Toyota Highlander are incorporated in... Read More »

How to Replace the Taillights in a Toyota Highlander?

Whether you use your Toyota Highlander for off-roading or hauling groceries through the burbs, make sure you always replace its taillights when they burn out. The replacement bulbs only cost a few ... Read More »