How to Replace the AC Unit in an RV?

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On Nordyne outside A/C unit, the terminals are corroded. Can you replace/repair the terminal unit?

If one of the terminals at the actual compressor came off completely your in trouble. If there is still at least a stud sticking out you can get repair lugs to fix it. But if it came out completely... Read More »

Is the owner of a condo unit responsible for water damages from a leak in his unit to a unit below?

Only if the owner above was negligent somehow. A pipe simply bursting suddenly and without warning would not trigger any liability of the unitowner. However, if the unitowner above was filling his... Read More »

How to Replace a Shower Unit?

Replacing a shower unit can be a one-day project. Make sure you have all tools and an extra person available to help if possible. Most units are not heavy, but can be cumbersome to move into place,... Read More »

How to Replace an Oil Sending Unit?

There are several types of oil sending units in service today. The oil pressure sender is used with an oil pressure gauge, and an oil pressure sensor is used in conjunction with a light on the dash... Read More »