How to Replace an Oil Pump in a VW Jetta?

Answer An oil pump is a necessary tool for the survival of the engine. It keeps the engine components in the VW Jetta lubricated. Without lubrication, an engine is destroyed. In most cases you don't need ... Read More »

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How to Replace the Water Pump in a VW Jetta?

The water pump is the heart of the VW Jetta's cooling system, circulating the coolant. Make sure to change out a faulty water pump in your Volkswagon Jetta, which could cause the engine to overheat... Read More »

How to Replace the Water Pump on a 2000 Jetta 2.0L?

No one likes to be stuck on the side of the road dealing with an overheated vehicle. Proper maintenance of the water pump on your 2000 Jetta will ensure its continued safety and performance and red... Read More »

How to Replace a 1997 VW Jetta's Water Pump?

Like other vehicles, the water pump on the VW Jetta helps the coolant circulate and keep the engine cool. When the water pump goes bad you need to replace it to keep the vehicle from overheating or... Read More »

How to Install a Water Pump in a VW Jetta?

If your VW Jetta is overheating and your finding coolant leaks from the engine, then it might be time for a new water pump. This is a routine repair that many cars need as they near the 100,000 mil... Read More »