How to Replace an Oil Pump in a Kia Spectra?

Answer You car's oil pump keeps the engine components in the Kia Spectra lubricated. Without lubrication, the engine will break down and cease functioning. These pumps are long-lived, but you may have to ... Read More »

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How to Replace a Fuel Pump in a Kia Spectra?

The Kia Spectra has an electric fuel pump so you should check its fuses and relays and ensure you have fuel before performing the more difficult task of inspecting the fuel pump. If your vehicle st... Read More »

How to Install a Water Pump in a Kia Spectra?

With a little mechanical knowledge and the right tools and replacement parts, installing a new water pump isn't too difficult. Kia Spectra manufacturers also recommend that you replace the timing b... Read More »

How to Replace an Air Filter in a Kia Spectra?

According to manufacturer guidelines, air filters should be changed every 30,000 miles when a car is driven under normal conditions, and every 3,000 miles under extreme conditions. Changing an air ... Read More »

How to Replace a Blower on a KIA Spectra?

The blower motor assembly in the Kia Spectra is located under and behind the glove compartment. The blower motor pushes hot or cold air into the compartment via an electrical motor that turns a squ... Read More »