How to Replace an Oil Filter Housing Gasket?

Answer Many Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki motorcycles use a filter housing with a replaceable filter for the engine oil instead of a metal filter that threads onto a pickup tube. If you've not... Read More »

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How to Replace an Oil Filter Housing Gasket on a 1993 Marquis?

A 1993 Grand Marquis oil filter housing's gasket is a simple O-ring. It sits between the filter and the Grand Marquis' threaded oil filter housing. In theory, you could replace the gasket without r... Read More »

How to Repair the Oil Filter Housing Gasket on a Mercedes-Benz 400E?

The oil filter housing gasket on a Mercedes-Benz 400E is a rubber ring referred to as an o-ring. This gasket seals the oil filter and prevents it from leaking fluid out of the vehicle. When the o-r... Read More »

How to Replace a Pool Filter Head Gasket?

If you have water escaping through the backwash port of your filter while the filter valve is set on backwash, then this is an indication that you have a displaced, worn or ripped spoke gasket in t... Read More »

How Do I Install a Thermostat Housing Gasket V40 in a 2002 Volvo?

With any aging engine, eventually you will notice the sweet smell of burning radiator fluid against the engine block as the gasket between the thermostat housing and the engine block starts to brea... Read More »