How to Replace an O2 Sensor in a 2001 Saturn SL2?

Answer The 2001 Saturn SL2 uses one upstream and one downstream oxygen sensor in its exhaust system to help the engine control module--the engine's computer--determine the cylinders' optimal air-to-fuel r... Read More »

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How to Replace the Oxygen Sensor on a 2001 Saturn SL?

There are two oxygen sensors integrated into the exhaust system of the 2001 Saturn SL. The sensors help the 1.9-liter four-cylinder engine generate an ideal fuel-to-air ratio for optimum emissions.... Read More »

Where is my 2001 saturn sl2's o2 sensor located?

According to, the 2001 Saturn SL2's oxygen sensor is located under the vehicle in the center, below the seating area, next to the catalytic converter. It is mounted on the exhaust pipe... Read More »

How to Replace the Bank 2 Sensor 1 O2 Sensor on a 2001 Ford Ranger?

The bank 1 sensor on your 2001 Ford Ranger gathers information about the vehicle's emissions. This information is then sent to the Ranger's computer, called an electronic control unit, or ECU. The ... Read More »

How to Replace an O2 Sensor on a Saturn Vue?

The O2 sensor on a Saturn Vue is located on the catalytic converter. Replacement O2 sensors can be purchased from most auto parts stores. After about 100,000 miles, your Vue's O2 sensor may start t... Read More »