How to Replace an Intake Manifold Gasket?

Answer The intake manifold delivers the fuel-air mixture to the combustion chambers. It runs from the carburetor to the cylinder head. A thin gasket made of cellulose nitrate or a rubber-fiber material se... Read More »

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How to Replace SBC Intake Manifold Gasket?

The intake manifold of your vehicle is responsible for creating the proper mixture of fuel to air for combustion in your motor. Between the intake manifold and the engine block is a thin gasket tha... Read More »

How to Replace an AMC 304 Intake Manifold Gasket?

American Motors Corporation was established in the 1950s. AMC, like other American car companies, introduced lightweight and powerful V-8 engines in the 1950s and 1960s to stay competitive in the h... Read More »

How to Replace a Lower Intake Manifold Gasket?

Channeling the air/fuel mixture to all of the cylinders of a car's engine is the main function of an automobile's intake manifold. An intake manifold has chambers or conduits within it that allow r... Read More »

How to Replace the Intake Manifold Gasket in a 96 Saturn SL2?

The intake manifold gasket in the 1996 Saturn SL2 needs to be replaced if it starts leaking. The leak allows air into the intake, which then makes the mixture too lean. A lean mixture could case de... Read More »