How to Replace an Intake Gasket?

Answer A new intake manifold gasket is needed as part of a cylinder head overhaul or when replacing a bad intake gasket. The exact procedure for removal and installation differs from one vehicle model to ... Read More »

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How to Replace a 3.4L Intake Gasket?

General Motors used the 3.4L engine on numerous popular vehicles, including the Pontiac Grand Am, Chevrolet Venture, Pontiac Montana, Chevy Malibu, Olds Silhouette, Oldsmobile Alero and the Buick R... Read More »

How to Replace SBC Intake Manifold Gasket?

The intake manifold of your vehicle is responsible for creating the proper mixture of fuel to air for combustion in your motor. Between the intake manifold and the engine block is a thin gasket tha... Read More »

How to Replace an Intake Manifold Gasket?

The intake manifold delivers the fuel-air mixture to the combustion chambers. It runs from the carburetor to the cylinder head. A thin gasket made of cellulose nitrate or a rubber-fiber material se... Read More »

How to Replace a Lower Intake Gasket?

The intake manifold in your vehicle is part of a system that supplies a mixture of fuel and air to the engine cylinders. This mixture is distributed evenly in such a manner that engine efficiency i... Read More »