How to Replace an IAC Valve in a 2000 Ford Focus?

Answer The idle air control valve on your 2000 Ford Focus provides the on-board computer with a way to control the idle speed of the engine. It is a simple, controlled vacuum leak that allows more air to ... Read More »

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How to Find the PCV Valve in a 2000 Ford Focus SE?

The PCV valve, or positive crankcase ventilation valve, on a 2000 Ford Focus plays an important part in the vehicle's emissions-control system. The PCV valve vents positive air pressure in the cra... Read More »

How to Replace the PCV Valve on a Ford Focus?

The purpose of the positive crankcase ventilation valve - or PCV valve - is to recirculate exhaust gases that blow into the crankcase back into the engine for more complete burning. It also reduces... Read More »

How to Replace an EGR Valve in a 2002 Ford Focus?

The engine intake system within your Ford Focus relies heavily on the exhaust gas recirculation valve, commonly called the EGR valve. The valve is crucial to your intake system, as it directs exhau... Read More »

How to Replace Valve Cover Gasket in a Ford Focus?

If you own a Ford Focus and you have driven 100,000 miles, it may be time for you to replace the valve cover gasket. You need to do this preventive maintenance so that you do not have to worry abou... Read More »