How to Replace an Engine Control Module?

Answer All fuel-injected vehicle have some form of computer, whether it's an engine control module or a programmable control module. The engine control module uses inputs from various sensors to send info... Read More »

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What Is an Engine Control Module?

An engine control module, or engine control unit, regulates various aspects of a vehicle's engine, including timing and fuel distribution. It consists of a computerized circuit board mounted on the... Read More »

Explain the Function of an Engine Control Module?

The engine control module, also called the engine control unit or powertrain control module, is a small computerized unit that regulates all of the engine's components, including the emissions syst... Read More »

How to Replace a Control Module?

The control module on your vehicle's ignition is an electronic device that controls the ignition spark sequence. The device resembles a fuse, and also allows your vehicle's starter to fire up your ... Read More »

How to Replace an Ignition Control Module?

The ignition control module in your vehicle controls ignition spark sequence and fires the ignition coil as well. However, this electronic component is very sensitive to heat. Since many vehicle mo... Read More »