How to Replace an Air Flapper on a Lennox G-14?

Answer The air flapper on a Lennox G-14 model furnace is connected to a gasket at the bottom of the air intake assembly. The air flapper helps control the air pressure within the furnace when it is being ... Read More »

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Every time I flush my toilet it flushes 3 times before the flapper will seat why is this and can it be corrected I have adjusted the chain from the handle to the flapper to all different lengths?

You may need a new flapper. Go easy on the chlorine whitener in the tank.

How to Replace a Lennox Condensation Trap?

Lennox gas furnaces include a combustion blower part behind the upper access panel, which is connected to the condensation trap. The trap, also known as the condensate trap, holds a small amount of... Read More »

How to Replace the Thermal Sensor on a Lennox Furnace?

Because your Lennox furnace runs on gas, it is important that safeguards are working properly. One such safeguard is the thermal sensor. This component sits next to the pilot light in the furnace a... Read More »

How to Replace a Flush Valve & Flapper?

One of the most common causes of a toilet that keeps running is a worn-out or improperly installed flapper. Before you buy a replacement flapper or valve, check the chain on the flapper. It may be ... Read More »