How to Replace an ABS Speed Sensor in a BMW?

Answer Anti-lock brake systems, or ABS, are available on a variety of BMW vehicles and provide a degree of safety that does not always come standard on other cars. The ABS speed sensor is a device on each... Read More »

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How to Replace a Speed Sensor?

The speed sensor is a magnetic coil plugged into the bottom of the transmission on most vehicles. Replacing the speed sensor is a matter of unscrewing it and screwing in a new sensor. The speed sen... Read More »

How to Replace a BMW Speed Sensor?

The ABS braking system on a BMW comes equipped with a speed sensor behind each wheel that measure the speed at which the wheel is turning. The sensors send signals to the ABS controller, and the sy... Read More »

How to Replace an F150 Speed Sensor?

The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) in a Ford F-150 is located on the rear section of the transmission. When the vehicle is running it produces a pulsing voltage that quickens or slows proportional to t... Read More »

How to Replace the Speed Sensor on a GMC Vehicle?

The speed sensor in your GMC vehicle provides a signal to the on-board computer that is used to calculate the speed of the output shaft of the transmission. The computer uses this signal along with... Read More »