How to Replace a section of copper plumbing pipe?

Answer Assuming it is 15mm. Buy 2 15mm couplers (compression, push fit, pre-soldered or end feed) and a length of 15mm copper pipe. Chop the copper pipe that needs replacing and connect as necessary. If y... Read More »

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How to Repair Copper Pipe Plumbing?

Copper pipes are the most common material used to run interior water lines. While it is a durable plumbing material, leaks around worn fittings or cracks due to frozen pipes can occur. In the event... Read More »

Can you use copper pipe for propane plumbing?

Copper tubing is used for underground propane service lines but should be installed by a licensed propane company. See for a better explanation.

What is the standard size of copper pipe for bathroom plumbing?

Bathroom plumbing supply line pipe sizes are 1 inch (main house), ¾ inch (branch), ½ inch (toilet and shower) and 3/8 inch (sink). Copper pipes come in various sizes, from 1/4 inch to 2 inches. T... Read More »

How to Replace Copper Plumbing With ABS?

Copper plumbing is an excellent choice for almost all applications. But sometimes plastic is better. ABS plastic works best with drainage and waste plumbing systems. It has wider pipe diameters tha... Read More »