How to Replace a Vacuum Booster on a 1997 Ford F350?

Answer A 1997 Ford F-350 is designed to tow large loads, and as a result, needs as much stopping power as it can get. One way it accomplishes that is with a vacuum operated brake booster mounted between t... Read More »

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How to Remove an Oil Pan on a 1997 Ford F350?

Removing an oil pan is necessary to access the bottom half of the engine, including the crankshaft, the crank bearings and the oil pump. Removal typically requires that the engine be lifted within ... Read More »

1997 Ford F350 7.5L Engine Specifications?

The 1997 Ford F-350 continued the ninth generation of a one-ton truck that Ford first manufactured in 1948. In 1997 Ford offered its F-350 one-ton truck with both a single rear axle and also as a "... Read More »

How to Remove the Inside Door Panel on a 1997 Ford F350 Crew Cab?

The door panel in the Ford F-350 can be removed for many reasons. You will need to take the door panel off when you replace the speakers for the audio system. Removing the panel is also necessary w... Read More »

How to Replace the Check Valve in a Vacuum Booster?

A vacuum booster uses vacuum pressure from the engine to boost the amount of pressure going to the brakes. The check valve on vacuum booster regulates the amount of pressure in the booster. If th... Read More »