How to Replace a Unifilter 77 Oil Filter?

Answer The General Aire 77 unifilter is an inline filter that cleans fuel before it reaches a motor. The General Aire 77 fuel filter fits on many mobile and immobile heating appliances that burn oil. Unli... Read More »

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How to Replace Your Air Filter?

Changing the air filter should be part of any major tune-up, but if you drive on dirt roads or in other dusty conditions, you will need to replace it more frequently. On most cars, this is a fairly... Read More »

How to Replace the Oil Filter on a BMW?

Replacing the oil filter on a BMW engine is a critical part of engine care. The oil filter removes dirt and other dangerous debris such as metal shavings from the engine oil. The oil filter should ... Read More »

How to Replace the Oil Filter on an F-550?

The Ford F550 houses one of two engine options: the 6.4L eight-cylinder diesel engine or the 6.8L 10-cylinder gasoline engine. The two engines are located in different Ford trucks and Ford motor ap... Read More »

How to Replace a Gas Filter?

A gas filter is a necessary component of a car's fuel system. Unfiltered fuel may contain dirt, dust or abnormal particles which can clog the fuel pump and injectors. This causes a noticeable drop ... Read More »