How to Replace a U Joint?

Answer Most cars and trucks come equipped with u-joints in the driveshaft. U-joints connect the driveshaft yolks together. U-joints have needle bearing filled caps on the end of each u-joint arm. These n... Read More »

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Do I Have to Replace the Whole CV Joint or Can I Just Replace the Boot?

Automotive half-shafts are multi-component items; the CV joint is just one part of an entire assembly designed to transfer power from your car's transaxle to its wheels. Technically speaking, you c... Read More »

How to Replace an S-10 U Joint?

Replacing the U-joints in your S-10 may be necessary if the old ones are loose or very worn. The U-joints connect the driveshaft to the transmission and differential, allowing the driveshaft to spi... Read More »

How to Replace a CV Joint?

A CV joint is the part of the drive axle on a front-wheel drive vehicle that allows for a wrist-action type of movement. It allows power from the engine to be transmitted through the transmission a... Read More »

How to Replace a CV Joint on an S10?

Replacing a CV (constant velocity) joint (also known as a half shaft) on a Chevy S10 is not a repair recommended for the inexperienced would-be mechanic. That's not to say someone with technical ab... Read More »