How to Replace a Toilet Bowl Flange?

Answer The toilet bowl flange is an integral part of your toilet. This flange, usually made out of metal or plastic, sits in the flange opening in the bathroom floor. The toilet connects to the flange wit... Read More »

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I need to replace my toilet flange. how do you get a glued on flange off without damaging the actual pipe?

you can't cut the pipe back use a cuppler and come off of thatThere is a tool that will cut the old flange off that will not damage the pipe. It is brand new to the market and is available through ... Read More »

How to Install a New Toilet Bowl Flange?

Although you never see it, except when it's being serviced, the toilet flange is an important part of your toilet. Usually constructed out of tough PVC or metal, the flange is fastened to the floor... Read More »

How to Remove a Stuck Flange on a Toilet Bowl?

Whether the bathroom is being remodeled or general repair and maintenance is needed, bathroom projects can be a challenging task. The average homeowner may consider it a daunting job to remove a st... Read More »

How to Replace a PVC Toilet Flange?

A PVC toilet flange is located at the beginning of the sewer line, is screwed to the bathroom floor and allows waste from your toilet to enter into the sewer line every time your toilet is flushed.... Read More »