How to Replace a Tire Valve Stem on a Car?

Answer The tire valve stem on a car, called a Schrader valve, uses a pin in its center to help keep the air inside the tire. The stem itself is held to the inside of the wheel by air pressure; you must re... Read More »

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How to Replace a Valve Stem in a Tire?

The valve stem is what keeps the air in the tire. If the stem does not seal properly, air will slowly leak out of the tire. If you find yourself putting air in your tire more then normal you most... Read More »

How to Replace a Tire Valve Stem Core?

While replacing valve stem cores will fix a slow leak in a tire, it is also a good idea to replace them as part of routine maintenance to extend the life of your tires. This helps prevent underinfl... Read More »

How to Replace a Motorcycle Tire Valve Stem?

Motorcycle tire valve stems come in two styles--screw-in and press-in. Both types serve to seal around the valve stem hole in the rim and house the valve stem core, which holds pressure in the air ... Read More »

How to Fix the Tire Valve Stem?

A tire maintains air pressure by creating a seal with the rim. The bead of the tire places substantial pressure on the lip of the rim, creating a portion of the seal. The rubber base of the valve s... Read More »