How to Replace a Tie Rod on a Ford F150?

Answer On your Ford F-150, the tie rod is responsible for properly aligning the steering, as well as making sure that you can turn from side to side. If the tie rods go out, you'll experience sloppy steer... Read More »

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How To Replace Brakes on a Ford F150?

At some point over the course of ownership, the disc brakes on your Ford F150 pickup truck are likely to become worn or damaged. Worn brakes may squeal and grind, or cause your truck to shake when ... Read More »

How to Replace Rotors on a Ford F150?

Replacing the rotors on your F-150 is very important on the life of your brakes. This job is best to be done with the replacement of your brake pads. The rotors can be dented or grooved when the ca... Read More »

How to Replace a Fan Belt on a '88 Ford F150?

Even with the evolving complexity of the auto engine, changing a fan belt is a fairly simple process. Somewhat of a misnomer, fan belts not only drive the engine’s cooling fan, they also operate ... Read More »

How to Replace a Starter on a Ford F150?

The starter in your Ford F150 is a small but powerful motor with a solenoid connected to both the battery and engine that turns the engine over. A bad starter won't allow the engine to turn over wh... Read More »