How to Replace a Tie Rod on a '98 Expedition?

Answer The tie-rod ends on your Ford Expedition are linking components of the steering system, connecting the steering knuckle on each wheel to the suspension's center link. You may need to replace the ti... Read More »

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How to Replace Air Springs on a 98 Expedition?

A 1998 Expedition came from the factory with either a coil spring or an air spring for the rear suspension. The air springs are part of the adjustable hide height system which keeps the rear of the... Read More »

How to Replace the Muffler on an Expedition?

If your Ford Expedition SUV is making loud noises from the exhaust system, it likely means the muffler has corroded or been damaged. If the muffler has any holes or leaks, you need to replace it. R... Read More »

How to Replace Rotors on an Expedition?

Ford sport utility vehicles include the Explorer and Expedition class of family truck that many Americans own. The Expedition is a popular vehicle for families and business owners who like to have ... Read More »

How to Replace Expedition Brakes?

Replacing the four-wheel disc brakes on the Ford Expedition is not a difficult task when you understand the basics. The Ford Expedition comes equipped with single piston rear disc brakes and drum-i... Read More »