How to Replace a Three-Prong Dryer Cord With a Four-Prong Cord?

Answer Homeowners often move an older-model electric dryer into a new home only to find that the plug attached to the dryer does not match the outlet in the laundry room. Due to a change in the National E... Read More »

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How can you change a 3-prong 240V outlet for a 3-prong cord for a 120V appliance?

For USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. If you're asking this question you shouldn't be installing an electrical service. If someone were to give you an answer here, you migh... Read More »

How to Install a Cord on a Four-Prong Dryer?

A four prong dryer cord will contain four wires inside the overall protective plastic outer coating. On the ends of each individual wire, a brass colored metal loop is employed to make the connect... Read More »

How do you change the plug on your clothes dryer cord from three prong to four?

Answer You have to go buy a new four prong chord, unscrew the base of the old chord, and switch them out.

How to Convert a Frigidaire Electric Dryer From a 3-Prong to a 4-Prong?

Frigidaire electric clothes dryers do not come with pre-wired power cords from the Frigidaire factory because of variations in building codes from one home to another. Many now-outdated building co... Read More »