How to Replace a Thermostat in a Dodge Intrepid?

Answer The thermostat on your Dodge Intrepid model is an engine-temperature control valve. This valve is designed to close and open within a predetermined temperature range, allowing the exchange of hot a... Read More »

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How to Change the Thermostat in a Dodge Intrepid?

Though not available since 2004, if you're tooling around in a Dodge Intrepid and you notice the heater's not working, or the engine is running too hot, chances are you need a new thermostat. Wheth... Read More »

How to Repair the Thermostat in a Dodge Intrepid?

If you've been driving a Dodge Intrepid you know that it's a full sized, four-door, rear-wheel-drive sedan that packs a punch of 200 horsepower. Due to this mix of engine size and horsepower the en... Read More »

How to Replace the Fan in a Dodge Intrepid?

Your Dodge Intrepid has an electric engine cooling fan. To replace it, you'll need a wrench, a screwdriver and a clean, covered reservoir large enough to hold drained engine coolant. This is a proj... Read More »

How to Replace a Tie Rod End in a Dodge Intrepid?

The tie rod ends can become damaged or develop too much play in them, which can be felt in the steering in the Dodge Intrepid. The fix is not an alignment, but replacing the tie rod ends themselves... Read More »