How to Replace a Tensioner Pulley?

Answer A tensioner pulley on most newer cars -- from the mid 1980s to present -- is actually part of a two-piece component called the automatic belt tensioner. The tensioner's job is to apply the correct ... Read More »

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How to Replace a GM Tensioner Pulley?

The tensioner pulley in a GM automobile keeps tension on the serpentine belt. As the belt gets older, a spring connected to the tensioner arm pulls down on the arm and subsequently the pulley. This... Read More »

How to Replace a Belt Tensioner Pulley?

The rotational energy of your vehicle's engine does more than simply provide power to the wheels on the pavement. The engine provides rotational power to the power-steering unit, the air-conditioni... Read More »

How to Replace a Pulley on an Auto Tensioner?

The tension pulley on the engine of a vehicle is what tightens and loosens the drive belt. On the bottom of the tension pulley is a roller that guides the drive belt and keeps the tension. The roll... Read More »

How to Replace the Tensioner Pulley on a '98 F150?

The three engines available in the 1998 Ford F150 employ a serpentine drive belt system to power the engine accessories. Without a serpentine belt to transfer torque from the crankshaft pulley, the... Read More »