How to Replace a Stabilizer Bar in a Ford Explorer?

Answer When replacing a stabilizer bar in a Ford Explorer, always make sure that the replacement bar is the exact same diameter as the one being replaced. Changing the diameter of the bar will change the ... Read More »

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How to Replace the Stabilizer Bar on a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport?

The 2001 Ford Explorer Sport is one of Ford’s smaller sport utility vehicles. The stabilizer bar on the Explorer sport is a component in the front suspension that suppresses body roll in the vehi... Read More »

How to Replace Stabilizer Bar Links on a 1995 Ford Explorer?

The stabilizer bar on a 1995 Ford Explorer is the long, metal, cylindrical bar that runs from the driver's side to the passenger's side of the front suspension. This bar connects to the control arm... Read More »

How Do I Replace a Broken Front Stabilizer Bar Link on a 1995 Ford Explorer?

A broken stabilizer bar or link can cause excessive movement in the front suspension which causes the front end to become unstable. It can also cause damage to other components in the suspension, a... Read More »

How to Replace the Stabilizer Link on a Ford Expedition?

The stabilizer links are part of what connects the sway bars to the Ford Expedition's suspension. If you need to replace the links on either the front or the rear bar, you should be able to do it w... Read More »