How to Replace a Spigot Metal Pipe?

Answer A leaking pipe that services the spigot on the exterior of your house may not be caused by loose connections, but instead could be the result of a corroded pipe. Once you determine that the pipe is... Read More »

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What is a silver spigot tobacco pipe?

A spigot tobacco pipe is one in which the mouthpiece detaches from the bowl of the pipe. Silver is a popular material for the connection between the two pieces because of its beauty and durability.... Read More »

How to Replace a Bathtub Spigot?

If you are looking to dress up or remodel your bathroom, start with the tub and shower by replacing an old bathtub spigot with a new one. At any local home improvement store you can pick from a var... Read More »

Can i replace part of pool pump piping with smaller pipe gluing pipe inside instead of coupler and same size pipe shouldnt be much smaller?

Yes. My 13" TV sat directly on top of the microwave and only minor interference occurred when the microwave was microwaving.

How do I cut a metal pipe from the inside out?

Size the Internal Metal Pipe CutterMeasure the inside diameter of the metal pipe with a tape measure. The internal pipe cutter must match the internal size of the metal pipe or the cutter will not ... Read More »