How to Replace a Solid State Magneto in an Outboard Marine Motor?

Answer The magneto in an outboard ignition system uses permanent magnets and pickup coils to produce AC voltage. That AC voltage gets triggered from the ignition points, which fire the spark plugs at the ... Read More »

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How to Test a Marine Outboard Motor Coil?

An outboard motor is an engine mounted on a boat that performs independent of other mechanical or electrical devices on board. The coil is a critical part of an outboard engine's ignition system. A... Read More »

How to Replace the Shear Pin on an Evinrude Outboard Motor?

An Evinrude outboard motor uses a shear pin to protect the propeller from accidental impact. The shear pin will break off when the propeller hits something underwater, such as a rock, tree stump, o... Read More »

How to Replace a Mechanical Voltage Regulator With a Solid State?

A voltage regulator regulates voltage to electrical components, so they don’t burn out or blow a fuse. The alternator that supplies electricity in your vehicle to charge your battery and run your... Read More »

How to Use Pennzoil Marine XLF Outboard Oil?

Penzoil Marine XLF is a synthetic blend two-cycle oil developed specifically for marine outboard engines. It is certified by the National Marine Manufacturers as an approved NMMA TC-W lubricant. Pe... Read More »