How to Replace a Sink Spray Hose?

Answer A kitchen sprayer provides you with extra muscle when it comes to cleaning dishes. These sprayers power away dirt and food debris, leaving your dishes clean. A long hose attached to the end of the ... Read More »

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How do I replace a kitchen faucet spray hose?

PreparationShut the water supply off before replacing the spray hose; it will keep you from getting soaked. Reach under the sink, and turn the hot and cold shutoff valves clockwise or to the right ... Read More »

How to Connect a Hose to a Sink?

Occasionally, there will be times when it is necessary to attach a hose to a sink---for example, if you need to fill a large tub of water that doesn't fit into the sink, or hose off a second story ... Read More »

How do I connect a garden hose to a sink?

Faucet AdaptorUnscrew the cover at the end of the spout and expose the threading. Apply the faucet adapter to this by screwing it on. The faucet adapter is needed to make the connection bigger to... Read More »

How to Pull the Sink Hose Prank?

Ever wanted to prank your friends and watch them get really wet? Read on!