How to Replace a Shower Head Flow Gasket?

Answer Shower heads contain a flow restrictor, which is used to limit the flow of water through the shower head and conserve water, and a gasket, which creates a seal that keeps the shower head from leaki... Read More »

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What is a low flow shower head?

The number of gallons of water a showerhead delivers per minute is the showerhead flow. Low flow showerheads will push less water through. A good quality showerhead will still feel good delivering ... Read More »

How do I increase the water flow rate in a shower head?

Clean the Shower Head ScreenUnscrew the shower head, and remove it from the pipe. Press a slotted screwdriver into the hold in the center of the gasket. Pull up gently to remove the gasket. Remove ... Read More »

How to Replace the Flow Restrictor in a Shower?

Flow restrictors can be installed on both the inside and outside of a shower head to conserve water. The restrictors reduce water usage as much as 50 percent, which creates savings on both water co... Read More »

How do I replace a shower door gasket?

Measure the Shower DoorMeasure the thickness of your shower door. Purchase a new gasket with the same thickness as your shower door. Some gaskets are compatible for multiple thicknesses. Read the p... Read More »