How to Replace a Reed Valve?

Answer A reed valve is located in the intake manifold between the carburetor and the cylinder head of a two-stroke engine. A reed valve allows the fuel and air mixture to pass through the intake to the cy... Read More »

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What Is a Reed Valve?

A reed valve is a one-way valve, allowing liquid and air to pass through it one way and not the other. They are found in the intake track of a two-stroke engine, between the carburetor and the cyli... Read More »

What is the difference between a sillcock valve a boiler valve and a hose bibb valve?

How to Replace an EGR Valve?

Replacing the exhaust gas recirculator valve on a vehicle is a fairly easy job. You do not need to be an automobile expert to perform this task. If you have a basic idea of what's under your car ho... Read More »

How to Replace an IAC Valve?

The IAC valve is an important component within your vehicle. The idle control valve regulates the vehicle idle speed at any given time. The valve works as it opens a bypass circuit, allowing the ai... Read More »