How to Replace a Razr Screen?

Answer The Motorola Razr flip phone has two LCD display screens: one outer screen when the phone is closed and an inner screen when it is open. The LCD screens are fragile and can crack, especially if the... Read More »

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How to Access the Diagnostic Screen on a Razr?

Like many cellular phones, the phones in the Motorola Razr phone series have "hidden" diagnostic menus or service menus embedded within their operating system platform. The diagnostic menu screen o... Read More »

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How to Clean and Remove "Dust" from Under Screen of Motorola V3 RAZR?

Annoyed at not being able to see clearly because of "dust"? Here's how to remove that dust.

What do I use to transfer everything from one Razr to another Razr cell phone?

You can use either a USB cable or a Bluetooth to connect your Razr to a computer. Once connected, you can use Motorola Phone Tools to transfer your information, including pictures, onto your comput... Read More »