How to Replace a Raptor 350 Clutch?

Answer The clutch used by your Yamaha Raptor 350 operates through friction generated by a spring-loaded stack of steel and fiber plates. When the clutch is engaged, these plates are pushed against a housi... Read More »

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How to Replace the Plugs on 2001 660 Raptor?

The Raptor 660 is a four-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle manufactured by Yamaha from 2001 to 2005. It came equipped with a single-cylinder (powered by one spark plug), four-stroke engine. The Raptor a... Read More »

How to Replace a Fan Clutch?

There are two types of mechanically driven fans that are commonly used in cars. One is held on with four bolts and the other is held on with one large nut. The fan clutch with a large nut has a thr... Read More »

How to Replace a CRX Clutch?

Manual transmissions use a clutch to engage and disengage the power from the engine to the transmission. The clutch disc is sandwiched between the engine flywheel and the transmission pressure plat... Read More »

How to Replace a Clutch in a CJ7?

Any vehicle that has a manual transmission needs an occasional clutch replacement. The average car owner doesn't keep a car long enough to wear out the clutch, but the same cannot be said for Jeep ... Read More »