How to Replace a Radio in a 4Runner?

Answer The Toyota 4Runner is the basic sport utility vehicle and longest running SUV in the Toyota line of automobiles. The 4Runner comes standard with a single disc CD player. Options for the 4Runner ste... Read More »

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How to Remove the Radio in a 2001 4Runner?

Every part in a car will eventually fail, and sometimes that can even be something as basic as the stock stereo. Alternatively, maybe you want to replace your stock deck with something that has mor... Read More »

How to Remove a 1997 Toyota 4Runner Radio?

Standard vehicle radios seem to have the most basic of options, and the radio in the 1997 Toyota 4Runner was no exception. Luckily, car manufacturers have made radios easy to remove so you can upg... Read More »

How to Remove the Factory Radio From a 1994 Toyota 4Runner?

The stereos available in 1994 for the Toyota 4Runner aren't very advanced when compared to the stock stereos of today's cars and trucks. That doesn't mean that you can't modernize your older truck ... Read More »

How do I replace a 4Runner oil filter?

RemovalDrain the engine oil at the oil pan beforehand to reduce the amount of oil that spills when removing the filter. Position your drain pan under the filter on a V-8 engine to help catch any oi... Read More »