How to Replace a Power Steering Pump Pulley?

Answer The power steering pulley is a belt-driven device used to enable the power steering pump. Unlike removing the power steering pump, removing only the pulley does not require a complicated drain of t... Read More »

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How to Replace a GMC Power Steering Pump Pulley?

Modern vehicles use a power steering system, which uses a hydraulic system to run fluid into the steering column, making it possible to steer the vehicle with less force. The system is run with the... Read More »

How to Replace Ford Power Steering Pump Pulley?

The power steering pump on a Ford vehicle works in conjunction with the power steering gear, to aid the driver in steering. On a Ford light truck or car, it is pressed onto the power steering pump ... Read More »

How to Maintain a Car Power Steering Pump Pulley?

Problems with power steering pump can manifest in the form of squealing noises when you turn a sharp corner while driving or during start-up. If you check the power steering fluid, it may appear a... Read More »

How to Install the Pulley on a Power Steering Pump?

Without the power steering pulley properly installed on the engine of your vehicle, the power steering pump will not function correctly. Your local auto parts store will have the power steering pul... Read More »