How to Replace a Nylon Cord on Half Rim Glasses?

Answer A nylon glasses cord is an often-used and typically inexpensive accessory for people who wear half-rims and other types of glasses. A nylon glasses cord is long enough to fit around a person's neck... Read More »

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How many glasses of beer in a half-keg?

A half-keg, also known as a half-barrel, is the largest variety of keg. It contains 15.5 gallons of beer. That converts to approximately 165 twelve-ounce glasses of beer. Other keg sizes include th... Read More »

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Half and Half is just half milk fat and half milk... Heavy cream is just the skimmed off milk fat... You might ba able to use whole milk, or try heating the whole milk and condensing it... OR just ... Read More »

How to Replace a Nylon Fuel Line With Rubber?

Nylon fuel line has its advantages: It's smaller in diameter and less prone to kinking than rubber line, and it's cheaper to produce and install than metal line. Over time, however, nylon fuel line... Read More »

Is half a bottle of Jack Daniel's six glasses of wine and three cans of strongbow to much to drink before work?

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