How to Replace a Lug Bolt?

Answer The tires on cars and trucks are held on with lug nuts. These attach to lug bolts, which are the studs the wheel is mounted on. The most common number of lug bolts per wheel on cars is four or fiv... Read More »

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How to Replace a Broken Lug Bolt?

A lug bolt is the stud that comes through the wheel hub and allow for you to connect the wheel rim to the hub. The studs are pulled through the hub in a very specific manner in order to keep them f... Read More »

How to Replace a Wheel Lug Bolt?

A wheel lug bolt, also known as a lug nut or wheel lug, is that all-important bolt that keeps your wheel fastened to the vehicle. Over time, lug nuts can become stripped, corroded or damaged from u... Read More »

How to Replace the Bolt in the 8mm Battery Cable?

On a side post or top post battery, the cable itself is held onto the battery with an 8 mm bolt. In many cases, the metal on the bolt can be eaten away by years of acid accumulation, eventually re... Read More »

Reasons to Replace Harmonic Balancer Bolt?

The harmonic balancer bolt holds the harmonic balancer in place. The balancer is responsible for reducing the vibrations from the crankshaft and is one of the pulleys on the drive belt. The harmo... Read More »