How to Replace a Limit Switch on a Lennox Merit Series G40UH(X)?

Answer Lennox Merit series G40UH(X) appliances are mid-efficiency, natural gas furnaces available in upflow and horizontal models. These furnaces contain internal safety devices, known as limit switches, ... Read More »

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How to Replace High Pressure Limit Switch on a Freezer?

The high pressure limit switch in a freezer is a safety device that shuts off the compressor if the gas pressure through the tubes exceeds a certain level. This helps prevent a rupture in the compr... Read More »

How do you take off the top of a Kenmore 80 series washer to replace the lid switch?

Make sure the unit is unplugged, then used two butter knives to insert in the front part of the lid...about 2 inches in from the outside corners to raise the lid.

How to Replace an Air Flapper on a Lennox G-14?

The air flapper on a Lennox G-14 model furnace is connected to a gasket at the bottom of the air intake assembly. The air flapper helps control the air pressure within the furnace when it is being ... Read More »

How to Replace a Lennox Condensation Trap?

Lennox gas furnaces include a combustion blower part behind the upper access panel, which is connected to the condensation trap. The trap, also known as the condensate trap, holds a small amount of... Read More »