How to Replace a Leaf Spring in a Dodge Durango?

Answer The Dodge Durango is mechanically quite similar to the Dakota. Take special care when raising your Dodge Durango to replace the leaf springs; you must lift the rear only with a jack or hoist placed... Read More »

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How to Replace a Leaf Spring in a Dodge Ram?

These steps discuss how to replace a leaf spring in a Dodge Ram 1500. You will need safety stands, a ratchet set and new U-bolts in addition to the new leaf springs for your Dodge Ram. Proper torqu... Read More »

How to Replace a Leaf Spring in a Dodge Caravan?

Your Dodge Caravan has a leaf spring assembly in the rear suspension. Replacing the leaf springs in a Dodge Caravan is challenging but can be accomplished by a novice with a jack, jack stands or ra... Read More »

2003 Dodge Durango Front Spring Removal?

A vehicle coil spring is a part of the suspension system that allows jolts and bumps from the riding surface to be safely absorbed indirectly by the vehicle. The spring compresses rapidly and regul... Read More »

Dodge RAM Coil to Leaf Spring Conversion?

When it comes to building a truck for hard-core off-roading, new isn't always improved. While coil-spring setups are undoubtedly smoother and better-articulating, old-school leaf springs are cheape... Read More »