How to Replace a Landcruiser Oxygen Sensor?

Answer Oxygen sensors monitor a car's emissions before and after they enter the catalytic converter. While a Toyota Landcruiser's oxygen sensors rarely fail on their own, a malfunction in the fuel system ... Read More »

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How do I Replace an O2 Sensor With Os-4000 Universal Oxygen Sensor on a 2002 Outback?

Most vehicles, including the 2002 Subaru Outback, have the same size oxygen sensor, which is 7/8-inch. The biggest difference in oxygen sensors is that some have a preheater and some don't. The 200... Read More »

Replace the Oxygen Sensor on a BMW?

When contemplating replacing an oxygen sensor on a BMW, a few points should be taken into consideration. Of all the items that the computer controls or sensors that it uses, the only one that can t... Read More »

How often do you replace an oxygen sensor?

The oxygen sensor was one of the first components integrated onto vehicles to monitor exhaust emissions. Since the implementation of OBD II (on-board diagnostics two) in 1996, oxygen sensors on veh... Read More »

When should I replace my bmw oxygen sensor?

On One Hand: Verify Sensor ParametersAn oxygen sensor (O2S) that has an output voltage or resistance that is out of manufacturer specifications is a clear indication you should replace it. You can ... Read More »